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We work at the intersections of product design and data analytics. Our team brings over 25 years combined experienced and thought leadership to provide the best technical and strategic consulting.

What we do

We provide leardership, experience and expertise to deliver innovative solutions to your team. We help you solve your most dificult challenges by using a variety of skills accross many technology disciplines.

UX Research

We employ scientific and data driven approaches to understanding the customer’s needs. Our unique customer discovery methods identify/profile the right customer for the product.


Over 15 years experience leading the development of a wide range of technologies and products including lab-diagnostic devices- to web, mobile apps and wearable consumer products.

Business Strategy

We’re proven at executing big ideas within given constraints and uncertainty. We speak tech and business, and we’ve helped take serveral businesses from zero to millions. 

EDI & Data Informatics

Employing the best data analysis methods to improving the delivery of healthcare services and patient outcomes. 

Data Systems Integration

We use the best in the industry to wrangle data from many sources into one place. We’ve got your data ‘back-end’ systems convered.

Healthcare Analytics

We employ a variety of data analytics and visualizations tools to help you get the most information out of your data.

Who we are

Innovating new solutions to big problems.




I am a serial entrepreneur, scientist, advocate and public speaker. I thrive on digging into customer needs. I love creating, optimizing and scaling products that matter. I’ve created three tech companies and taken five products to market including wearables, mobile apps and SaaS apps.




I have twenty+ years of information systems and data governance experience. My expertise is in healthcare systems analysis/design, specifically in Healthcare EDI, Enterprise Data Warehousing information systems and enterprise web-based technologies.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

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Our work featured on

Our work and leardership continues to be featured in the world’s leading media. 

Our Expertise

Fernando and Steven bring a new level of insight, creativity and problem-solving that you won’t find anywhere else.

Fernando’s Skills

  • Product UX/UI Design – 98%
  • UX Research – 98%
  • Mobile / Web App Prototyping – 90%
  • BD, Customer Success and Sales Strategy – 95%

Steven’s Skills

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – 95%
  • Data Analytics – 90%
  • Healthcare Informatics – 90%
  • Systems integrations & ETL – 95%

From Our Blog

What our clients say 

We are delighted to be working with the best people in the industry.

“Both Fernando and Steve provided valuable technical guidance throughout our project. We continue working with them on our business strategy.”

Richard Hawthorn

CEO & CTO, Train Trackr

Fernando is one of the most adaptable and capable people I’ve had the pleasure of working withHe’s demonstrated impeccable work ethic and ability to adapt his skills to new environments, with fantastic results.

Dimitar Vlassarev

Sr. Mgr. Enterprise Data , Comcast

Fernando’s passion for advancing innovation goes beyond four walls. He is proactive in guiding ideas, people, and delivers unique solutions to tough challenges..”

Rohan Gidvani

Consultant, Axion Healthcare Strategies

“Steve is an epert in healthcare EDI and very efficient in creating our systems mapping and reponsive to adhoc requests and solving complex problems quickly and  efficiently.

Gurjit S.

BI, Data Analysis & Data Science, Alameda Alliance for Health