Our Services

We are passionate about innovating healthcare. We bring over 35 years combined experience and thought leadership in data informatics, electronic data interchange, product development, business intelligence and strategy.

We provide R&D, design, technical and strategic services to accelerate your business.

UX Research & Market Validation

We use a variety of UX research methods and tools to understanding the customer needs, desires and motivations. We employ deep scientific and analytics methods to understanding user/customer behavior. We provide market analysis using data and observation to help your business make the decisions and execute you big ideas.

Digital & Product Accessibility

There is an increasing need to ensure product and services are inclusive and accessible to person with disabilities. We can help you provide and an accessible experience for all customers. Fernando has expertise is in product design, UX/UI with a focus on accessible-design for people with disabilities. He’s created award-winning assistive technology, both hardware and digital products.  

Product UX Design

We have experience working with R&D/science and engineering teams to developing, testing and validating product ideas. We employ Design Thinking and Lean Startup methods to creating minimum viable products and help you innovate faster. Fernando has over 15 years experience leading the development of a wide range of technologies and products including lab-diagnostic devices- to web, mobile apps and wearable consumer products.

Healthcare Data Informatics

We have the expertise to provide your data informatic needs. Steve bring over 25 years experience with a range of various software products and tools including: Altova Mapforce and Flowforce, Specbuilder, BizTalk, SQL Server, MS Visual Studio, Moveit/Tumbleweed/SFTP.

We also provide technical and strategic business intelligence with ample experience in the field of Business Analysis, Requirement Analysis, Business Process Design, Streamlining, System Analysis and Design, and Quality Assurance.

Data Systems, EDI and Integrations

We’ve got your data back-end covered. Steve brings knowledge of industry standard methodologies like Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and Joint Application Development (JAD), as well as Agile Project Management and Data Governance.  He has created over a hundred source-to-target mapping documents used in ETL development for systems integrations.

Steve has ample experience with all EDI healthcare transactions such as 837 for submitting claims, 835 for payments, 834 for benefit enrollment, 820 for premium payments, 270/271 for health care benefits and eligibility, 276/277CA for claims status. Excellent understanding of X12 5010 versions of HIPAA transaction standards and ICD-10 and CPT code sets.